Born in 1991. At the age of ten I got my first bonsai as a gift. A couple years later I joined the Slovenian bonsai club – SBK and made great progress. I attended many workshops and demonstrations with many well-known bonsai masters across Europe, such as Enriko Savini, Luis Villa, Vaclav Novak, Adriano Bonini. In 2008 I represented Slovenia in the EBA’s New Talent Contest that was held in Vienna. In 2009 I won first prize and awarded the best tree at an Austrian exhibition. I was proud to be declared by SBK as one of only seven bonsai instructors in Slovenia.

Years of experience

I have worked with Bonsai for over 20 years and enjoy all that the bonsai world has to offer and have no intention of leaving it. I attend many bonsai events throughout the world and receive numerous of prizes and awards for exhibiting my own bonsai in Europe.

A few of my more noticeable awards are a nomination at EBA, an award from the Italian IBS, Award for the most outstanding native European bonsai at The Trophy XX in Belgium and the ”Best of show” award from the European Bonsai-San exhibition in France which is at the moment one of the Europe’s top bonsai exhibitions.

I believe I have a duty as an instructor to pass on knowledge in the form of courses, workshops and demonstrations. So far I have performed demonstrations or was invited for workshops to Italy, Hungary, UK, Austria, France, Croatia, Czech Republik, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Brazil, USA, Australia and China.

Currently I am the president of the Slovenian bonsai club, Slovenian EBA delegate and am leading my successfull NikArt Bonsai Studio where I pass on knowladge to anyone who wants to learn about bonsai.


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