Privacy Policy

We have written this privacy policy (version 23.03.2019-221089692) to explain to you, in accordance with the provisions of the Basic Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Data Protection Act (DSG), which information we collect, how we use data and what decision-making options You as a visitor to this site. Unfortunately, it is in the nature of things that these explanations sound very technical, but we have tried to make the most important things as simple and clear as possible.

Storage of personal data

Personal data that are transmitted to us electronically on this website, such as name, e-mail address, address or other personal information in the context of the transmission of a form, will be provided by us together with the time and the IP address only to each used purpose, kept safe and not disclosed to third parties. We only use personal data for communication with those visitors who expressly request contact and for the processing of the services and products offered on this website. We will not disclose your personal information without consent, but we can not rule out that this information will be seen in the event of unlawful behavior. If you send us personal information by e-mail – outside this website – we can not guarantee secure transmission and protection of your data. We therefore recommend that you never send confidential data by e-mail. The legal basis under Article 6 (1a) of the GDPR (lawfulness of processing) is that you give us consent to the processing of the data you have entered. You can revoke this consent at any time – an informal e-mail is sufficient, you will find our contact information in the imprint.

Distribution and sharing of content

The distribution and sharing of our content is without our approval strictly forbidden. If that takes place you will be charged 300€ per image.

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